Slow Moving Water technologies offer huge advantages for you and your community

SMW technology is scalable providing energy for individuals or small towns to large cities. Hydrogen is produced and either used onsite or in close proximity. Below we list some of the advantages for using hydrogen manufactured from slow moving water.

* can be privately and locally owned for control over investment and profits

* cities generate income for their own welfare

* individuals pay no taxes on their energy - there are no taxes when manufacturing your own fuel

* ZERO pollution

* extremely low impact on environment - no strip mining, dams, or air pollution

* does not interfere with natural wildlife

* no external damage as associated with other industries such as:
  coal mining, oil spills, nuclear radioactive waste

* uses existing infrastructure for distribution and markets

* SMW hydrogen is highly efficient because hydrogen is stored in hydrides with little to no loss in transmission compared to comventional power plants

  • SMW hydrogen can be used to scrub smokestack emissions diminishing CO2

  • extremely low cost to build, operate, and sell compared to other energy technologies

  • low maintenance










    SMW is better than current hydrogen technology because:

  • it has the best storage capacity

  • is easily transported

  • uses renewable energy that is conveinent to many locations

  • has the lowest cost to manufacture and sell

  • can plug into existing energy market

  • requires only small changes to existing hardware for mass usage

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