The Twelve Circles of Slow Moving Water

Vision: to make planet Earth a healthy paradise

Mission: develop and promote technologies that are healthy, sustainable alternatives to current polluting technologies

Goal: to have the $2 million funding for a major SMW power plant prototype by 2009

Each circle represents a solution to solving a problem facing the Earth. Some circles are a solution to several problems.

Slow Moving Water has more than one way to save our planet.
This menu introduces you to more of the patents and technologies SMW has for the health of our planet.

The topics that umbrella all circles:

Education: lobby efforts using video teaching for community based programs through: cable, satellite, internet, based earth sciences programming, internet, and other

Saving the Earth: the overriding vision is to save the Earth. The health of the planet for centuries to come is being determined by our actions today. Will mankind find a way out of the crisis caused by our dependence on fossil fuels? Will civilization be able to live through its own pollution of the planet. These circles represent a broad range of solutions that life on Earth now faces

Hydrogen: all circles relate to hydrogen as a solution to the Earth's problems.

Circle #1 - Ocean Drifty

Ocean Drifty has three patents: the structure itself, power generation in high wave motion, and another in a method to dampen hurricanes using hydrogen.

Platform - Ocean Drifty is a stable marine vessel for ocean exploration and work platform. This structure is stable in high waves and strong winds. Ocean Drifty will be used for ocean laboratories and experimentation with "green" technologies.

Circle #2 - Soil Amendments

Technique: Terra Preta: the Brazilian name for an ancient type of soil where the bones of felled trees are charred (not burned to ashes) and then buried in the soil as a soil amendment. The charred wood nourishes the soil, yielding abundant crops for centuries afterward. This technique will be taught throughout the world. The Terra Preta technique eliminates the need for constant over fertilization while taking huge amounts of Co2 and sequestering it in soil.

Circle #3 - Clean Air

Patent: taking dust and carbon out of the atmosphere and keeping air samples is the policy of SMW to create a worldwide bank of air samples and monitoring. Test projects will study and build ways to clear air pollution from major cities. A Co2 burner will be tested and perfected using hydrogen to rob the oxygen from the Co2.

Circle #4 - Smoke Stacks

Patent: adding Hydrogen to the air in smoke stacks Air pollution is significantly reduced when hydrogen or oxygen are added to any exhaust of the combustion process. Factories, refineries, power plants all benefit from h2-o2 mixed with exhaust gases.

Circle #5 - Hydrogen balloons

Technique: Low cost hydrogen can float atmosphere sensors and transport water to high altitudes

Hydrogen balloons carry water to high altitudes through flexible piping for increased humidity in desert areas bordering the ocean. Hydrogen balloons are also used to float weather measuring instruments to superior altitudes for longer periods of time. Emergency cell phone and other communications repeaters can be launched cheaply and held aloft at higher altitudes for long periods of time.

Circle #6 - Combustion Stimulant

Patent: Hydrogen is used to enhance combustion engines

Adding small amounts of hydrogen to any combustion process lowers pollution while increasing power and overall efficiency. This process has been around since the 1970's.

Circle #7 - Hydrogen Storage

Patent: Hydrides installed in existing lpg converted containers. Hydrogen has been difficult to store in mass quantities until SMW technology has brought low cost, high performance hydrides to market.

Circle #8 - New Fuels

Patent: synthetic fuels and hydrogenated - oxygenated fuels

Synthetic diesel has been around for 50 years. Hydrogen is instrumental in its manufacture. Experimentation research will be performed with catalytic combinative technology.

Circle #9 - Recycling

Patent: recycling Styrofoam

The field of recycling has taken on an important role in modern society. There are many new businesses involved in recycling the mountain of waste material generated by modern society.

One such business is that of Styrofoam. SMW has explored this opportunity and excelled in finding ways to deal with this all but "hazardous" waste.

Plans are in place to recycle Styrofoam along with plastics. They will be chipped and reformed to be used as insulation with wall strengthening characteristics. This recycling process creates various marine and aerospace applications as well as producing building materials for homes and offices.

SMW also believes in building a new type of recycling center. This "induction" center will be larger than present day centers in that more "household" and "building" materials are to be separated and displayed for public re-use. All organic waste will be ground and charred prior to tilling back into the soil. Several liquidation processes will be employed along with power generation to reduce landfill to near zero.

Circle #10 - Military Applications

There are numerous ways the military will use SMW technology.

Circle # 11 - Hurricane Damping

Patent: A method to dampen hurricanes

Release of hydrogen at sea creates a "wall" of rising air and moisture. This "wall" transports and releases major amounts of heat and moisture to very high altitudes. Heat is dissipated via this manufactured transport while rain is precipitated early in a storm's cycle. Because hydrogen has no ceiling, micro droplets of moisture are taken to very high altitudes and reflect incoming solar energy to result in a "cooling" effect to the area, thus dampening a hurricane.

Circle #12 - Education, Video/DvDs, Broadcast Programming

The key to success is to generate income while educating the world about the secrets of the universe. Educating society on the solutions is an investment in our collective responsibility for one healthy planet. There is an enormous opportunity to educate the world in a short period of time through the new information technologies: DVDs, CDs, Internet, cable television, and conference presentations.

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